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A New Beginning: Integrative Project

It's the year we've all been waiting for - senior year! As much as I'm excited (yes, excited) to graduate and begin my job search, there is one more thing I have to accomplish: my senior thesis. Something I have thought about all these years through school, all summer, and now here we are. And I still am finding myself a bit undecided as to where I'm going with my thesis. But that's how IP always starts, right?

As of last week, I had to design 3 posters to fit the 3 directions or ideas I have for my senior thesis IP project. Here are the images of the posters I made here:

Here's a quick description of each project idea:

1. Rediscovering Me

A handmade book containing layout design, illustrations, and stories about my family history, genealogy, and ancestry. Being biracial, I've struggled with race/ethnic labeling most of my life. I still am challenging by the question 'where did you come from?'. With this project I would investigate the mysteries and untold stories of my family line, and hopefully discover more about myself through the obscure lives of my ancestors.

2. Rebrand Politics

This project is very straight forward - design the branding for the candidates of the 2020 presidential race. With the ambiguous and misleading "fake news" era of politics, I think it's important for each candidate to be straight forward about their mission and task list as president, and hardly any ever are. I'd tell the true essence of each candidate, and would not hide behind another san-serif red white and blue logo.

3. Zodiac Zine Series

This one is more of a fun, novelty idea. A series of 12 zines, one for each zodiac sign. It would contain symbols, traits, and other attributes of each sign. I've already come to the term of retiring this idea, because I feel the other ideas have more substance to them, which is more fitting for a year long project.

I'm still in the beginning stages, but I'm getting closer to my project topic for my IP project.

- Manda V.

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