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Good Things Come in *Perfectly Designed* Packages

Since being accepted into Stamps, I've always had Packaging Design on my list of "maybe one day" classes. I'm excited to say now that I've entered my senior year, it's finally my time to take this class! I was shocked that I was even able to get in because I actually obtain no pre-reqs for the course (way-finding and print publications), so instead I dismissed the idea of getting in altogether. Then one day to my surprise, I get an email from Joann saying enrollment was low and she was accepting me into the course and waving the pre-reqs! I couldn't be happier to have this chance to explore packaging design and to further my interest in graphic design in its many forms. I'm a little nervous about the semi three-dimensional aspect and construction of the projects I'll be creating, but I believe once I familiarize myself with the process of creating packaging I will be comfortable in no time.

During the semester, we will have two projects we will be working on simultaneously.

The first project will be the same for everyone - create a set of 6 coasters with packaging. As of right now, my idea for this project is to create fun wine/cocktail themed coasters

, and the packaging will mostly likely consist of a stand or holder of some sort that can sit on your coffee table, side table etc. without being an eyesore. I including some inspiration images for the coaster designs below. I think my next step is to narrow down which 6 drinks I will be focusing on for each coaster (most likely realizing this as a digital illustration/quote with lettering) and to sketch ideas for the "packaging" to contain the coasters. The best part about this project - hopefully when I'm complete I can put them to use in my apartment!

The second project I think will be a little more challenging. We will have to redesign packaging that we find problematic or flawed. I'm struggling a little bit with inspiration on this project, I think it's one of the projects that can't be discovered through thought alone, the idea will just fall into my lap through my day to day experience! I'll have to keep my eyes peeled open for new ideas and challenging packages that I feel deserve a fixing. I'll get you updated more on that as soon as I make some packaging discoveries!

- Manda V

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