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  • Manda Villarreal

Coaster/Wine Bottle Design Draft Updates


Here are the finalized coaster designs. I may edit some color choices, (and some outer room fonts need to be updated from Helvetica to Univers) but they're just about there! I'm really happy with how they turned out and i'm glad I can now focus on the template design for the packaging.

iThese packaging items Franc brought in for us to use as inspiration for our projects, to discover new ways of approaching our project. These two boxes I was really inspired from for my wine bottle/coasters packaging. In particular, what I like about them is how there is one secure end and one open end to the box. I think this is important to include in my wine bottle/coaster packaging because the liquid will be heavy, and I wouldn't want the bottom to be insecure and the bottle to fall through. I also thought the nesting dolls box's ability to slide of the top was very interesting. Maybe I could have something similar and make that also my coaster tray ...

Here are the sketches a created after taking a look at these boxes

Next step will be refine and deciding on a box template for my coaster/bottle packaging. And of course, buying wine samples ;)

Here on my packaging design pinterest page you can see more inspiration images for my coaster/bottle packaging.

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