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  • Manda Villarreal

Feedback: Deeper Dives

This is the feedback/questions I received from my classmates during our deeper dive critique. We showed 2-3 projects we developed thoroughly for our IP projects.

Common themes I'm noticing:


Everyone is loving my engaging and interactive aspect to my book. Some people had suggestions for how to add more interactive elements to my books (12 days of Christmas storage ports, mini books/zines inside of sections, using objects outside of my book, etc.)


A lot of people were also interested to learn more about each family member. I know long term I definitely want to include more narrative attributes to my book, ie: what my grandma remembers about her grandma, careers, etc, but now it's important to focus on how I'm physically going to implement those narratives into my book.

Pop ups? Fold outs? Separate little booklets? Images? etc.


Many suggestions involved using items, heirlooms, etc, to think about emotion/relation to objects. I never thought about using physical items, but I could definitely somehow involve objects into my display. It's also interesting to think about how people use items to represent their lost family members in a nostalgic way, like urns, clothing, photographs, heirlooms, etc.

Here is the collection of feedback I received:

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