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  • Manda Villarreal

Kelsey Museum Design Draft Updates

In class we had updates critiques on our way-finding projects. Here's a collection and brief of what I presented.

Slide 1: Kelsey Museum Logo

I luckily using Adobe Typekit was able to find the exact font used in the Kelsey Museum of Archeology logo. I love this logo and I'm happy to be creating a project surrounding the styling and branding of this font and the beige color tones of the museum. The design pattern on the sides is also a pattern found in the Kelsey Museum that I've seen used in their branding, which I will also carry through out my way-finding materials.

Slide 2: Font Choices

The discovered font of the Kelsey Museum logo happens to be Cronos. I think this font is the perfect combination of business meets papyrus in the best of ways! That being said, it fits the artifacts and archeology research going on within the building very well.

Baskerville was decided as the body/caption/detail text within the museum. For instance, for artifact labels, body text for map guides, etc. I think this font is a great serif choice with high legibility, and it has a historic and timeless look that fits the atmosphere of the museum.

I may add more fonts later when getting to the map guide, maps, etc. but I'd hope to stick with these two font families as much as possible!

Slide 3: Floor 1 Color Choices

After Shengyuan shared with me her Kelsey museum materials from her previous course in the building, I found a map of color coordinated sections of the museum. I used this to define eight exhibit/sections of the museum, five being on the first floor. Each section will carry a separate muted color and pattern, which I will add by next critique. After critique, I decided I want to increase the saturation of the colors as they are very faint once printed.

Slide 4: Floor 2 Color Choices

Color choices for sections of museum, but for 2nd floor.

Slide 5: Direction sign from State St.

A huge issue with the Kelsey museum is it's in the heart of campus, but many student admit to never visiting the museum. Why? The official Frankel WIng entrance of the museum is on the other side not facing campus. The other side facing state St. and Angell Hall is the part of the building that was built in the 1800s, which is currently an academic entrance into Newberry Hall. To help this issue I wanted to install a sign by the State St./Newberry Hall entrance that directs the visitor to the backside of the building where the main entrance is. Some critique I got on the sign was to increase the arrow size to clarify the directional purpose of the sign.

Slide 6: Museum Map

This is a starting example of what my museum map will look like. I'm using the same map I used for the color sections above that Shengyuan shared with me. I still need to include labels, a color guide, bathroom/elevator etc., and ideally an optional self-guided tour for visitors.

- Manda V.

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