• Manda Villarreal

Packaging Re-Design Proposal





Birth control is an evolving form of conception used by women of all ages for different reasons, but mostly to prevent unwanted pregnancy. Whether you’re 15 or 30, “the pill” is used and packaged in the same way, for the same function. Although birth control packaging comes in many forms, I’m still left contemplating how it can be made better, simpler, and more sustainably.


Women of all ages, but mostly young adult women ranging from 15-35 years old.


To create a simplified, quiet, and above all, sustainable packaging design for a daily use birth control prescription.

Key logistical themes I wish to include in the

Daily Use Prescription Packaging Re-Design Assignment:

1. Sustainability

One huge issue with daily use prescription packaging is it is a horrible waste. In example, birth control packaging comes with the plastic tray of pills sealed by a layer of aluminum, not to mention the plastic holder for the pills, endless paperwork of directions, and the cardboard box to hold all said items. All made just to be thrown away and then replaced month after month. My idea is to create two options for the packaging - 1. A prescription container that is clearly labeled as the prescribers, that can be brought to the pharmacy each month to be refilled. 2. Packaging that is completely recyclable, compostable, or at least up-cycled somehow.

2. Clarity of Use

Birth control is commonly recalled, and not because of the pill itself, but because of an error in packaging! Pills can be shuffled out of order, and because it matters when (and sometimes how much depending on the prescription) it’s important for the packaging to make the process easy, not confusing and misleading. The order in which the pills are taken, the amount of hormones in each pill, all of these things need to be clarified in the packaging for the safety of the user, which is something I want to focus on in this re-design.

3. Stigma/Attention

Although the stigma behind birth control is fading, it can still be a secretive and private part of a women’s life. Because of this, I want the packaging to be streamlined, simple, and above all - quiet. The focus for the packaging should be on the necessities - like the function of the product, not femininity or flashy floral graphics. Ideally, any woman should be able to use the re-packaged product in a meeting, in the classroom, or anywhere else publicly and be unnoticed by others both visually and audibly.

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