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  • Manda Villarreal

Wine Coasters Research

Next step in my coaster design/packaging project was to figure out which 6 wines I wanted represent on my 6 coasters. After some research, this is what I decided (from my notes above):

1. Chardonnay

- Pairs well with

Food: chicken, scallops

Cheese: brie/parmesan

Dessert: Banana pudding

- Description: full body, fruity, full, Full n' Fruity

- Aroma: Tropical fruit, vanilla, lemon

- Origin: Burgundy, France

2. Merlot

- Pairs well with

Food: roast beef, spaghetti

Cheese: gouda/feta

Dessert: chocolate mousse

- Description: Rich n' Fruity, full body, slightly acidic

- Aroma: cherry, plum, vanilla, black currant

- Origin: Bordeaux, France

3. Zinfandel

- Pairs well with

Food: BBQ Ribs, Carne Asada

Cheese: cheddar, bleu cheese

Dessert: Pecan Pie

- Description: Bold, fruity, slightly acidic, Bold n' Fruity

- Aroma: mixed berry, coconut, pink peppercorn, peach

- Origin: California, United States

4. Moscato

- Pairs well with

Food: Pepperoni pizza, spicy Thai food

Cheese: Swiss/bleu cheese

Dessert: apple pie a la mode

- Description: sweet, spritzy, light-body, light n' sweet

- Aroma: orange blossom, citrus, apple, ginger, almond

- Origin: Piedmont, France

5. Sauvignon Blanc

- Pairs well with

Food: shrimp, oysters

Cheese: goat cheese

Dessert: Key lime pie

- Description: fruity n' light, highly acidic

- Aroma: lemon, green apple, grass

- Origin: Loire Valley, France

3. Pinot Noir

- Pairs well with

Food: Salmon, Duck

Cheese: Mozzarella

Dessert: Dark chocolate covered strawberries

- Description: light n' fruity, slightly acidic

- Aroma: cherries, red flowers, cherry cola, vanilla

- Origin: Burgundy, France

I'm still not sure if I will necessarily use all this information, but I know if I was at a wine tasting this is the kind of information I would find interesting about my wine. Next step will be designing my coasters and incorporating this information some how. We will see if all this information will fit!

- Manda V.

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