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  • Manda Villarreal

Wine Flight Packaging Concepts

Now that I have decided what I'm doing for my packaging re-design, I can go back and focus more on my other project I will be working on this semester - the coasters + packaging!

Even though I'm most excited to work on the graphic's on the coasters themselves (I'm a graphic designer, it's what I like to do!) I am first logistically planning out the tray for my wine flight coasters. Ideally, I'd like the tray to be folded up to fit with the coasters inside some sort of packaging. It's an iterative process for sure, and here are a couple ideas I've come up with so far:

My first idea was the angled piece on the left side. As I'm working out the concept on paper to see how it functions, I see that the design would have to be folded dead center in two of the coaster engravings in order to be folded up properly in the packaging with the coasters. Also, it seems the design wouldn't function well for a flight, it may be awkward to grab the two glasses in the back without hitting the front two (especially if you've been drinking alcohol!). I want to make using the packaging and product as seamless and simple as possible.

My second idea was the folded long-rectangular piece on the right side, which I think will function the best out of all the packaging design ideas I've come up with so far. In 6 sections, the packaging would fold in order from outside to inside, like so:

I think this process is very easy to understand, even without directions. And after talking to my professor Franc, he pointed out that this packaging concept would allow for information to be presented on the open space on the backside of the tray through out the folding/unfolding process. Also, I think it most visibly pleasing as it is just squares folded together, it's very simply designing and it's focus is on functionality, which is ultimately my top goal for this product packaging concept.

The third idea is the bigger design on the top side of the image above. This one isn't much different than the second one, except that this board would have space in front of each coaster/wine sample for food pairings like cheese, fruit, cut deli meat, etc. Because the wine flight is all the experience, I think having food to pair with the wine would be a nice to detail to have in this packaging concept. Any wine lovers I know almost always love cheese/food with it! Both together enhance the flavors of the other. Even if the food is not necessarily included in the tray, I think I would include little bowls/mini trays to put in front similarly (which could easily be stacked and stored in the packaging along with the coasters/base tray). No matter what I include, I want it all to be packaged together as one, so it can easily be taken home with the guest or gifted to a wine lover. There shouldn't be items that need to be added to my product/packaging! Everything any wine lover would need should be right there ready to go, in my opinion.

Another small detail I wish to include is a little engraving next to the coasters (you can see it on the very top of the image towards the top side of the tray) so that's it's easy for the user to take out the coasters while drinking. The point of having the information on the coasters about the wine would be so that the wine flightee (lol) can learn about the wine as they're drinking it. If the user can't take out the coaster simply from the fit circles on the tray, that would make this a bit difficult! That is definitely something I will include in this concept.

Next step, I'm thinking about materials. Right now, I'm between a few possibilities: wood, cardboard (like for a board game, that can easily be folded up), or cork (which would be so fun with wine!!) I'm going to keep concepting, and get to that point when I get there, but it's still good to think about especially with a product that will be folded and stored inside more packaging!

Next step will also include deciding what 6 types of wine I will be focusing on with the coasters, and starting the graphics for those!

Until then, this is where I'm at right now with this project.

- Manda V.

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