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Voting Is Sexy

Voting is Sexy is a high-energy, team-based voting campaign organized by Art & Design students at the University of Michigan alongside professors Stephanie Rowden and Hannah Smotrich. Together we employed our creative imagination, wit, and passion to re-brand the experience of mid-term voting for college students by creating a marketing campaign to educate, inspire, entertain, and motivate students to the ballot box on November 6, 2018. 

My role in the Voting Is Sexy campaign was to lead the graphics team and to create compelling media visuals

ranging from absentee-voter infographics to deadline reminders on Facebook and Instagram.

By the end of the voting season, Voting Is Sexy helped the University of Michigan recruit triple the amount of voters they received in 2016. Our voter turnout success was featured in AIGA, Teen Vogue, and the Stamps website.

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